Try and stay cool during this scorching heat wave. (Photo via AP/Julie Jacobson)

As a Chicago (read: Arctic tundra) native, complaining about the heat seems like sacrilege.

As my friends and family are battling -20°C wind chills this winter, they have no patience for hearing about how I’m melting in the sweltering Buenos Aires summer. This weekend has weather alerts for both my home city and current one!

The orange alert here in Buenos Aires means that the heat index might reach up to 40°C, and travel alerts are being issued in Chicago due to snowstorms. (How fun… but also not, because human-induced climate change is BAD!) My twitter feed, full of both porteños and Chicagoans, has some conflicting narratives about how I’m supposed to be feeling about the weather right now.

But in all seriousness, this weekend, record highs will be hitting several cities in the area, and weather alerts are warning people to take the necessary precautions, especially for young children and those with certain illnesses.

So while rain might be coming at some point (pretty please), don’t forget to stay cool and drink lots of water, and while you do that, you can take a look at how the weather alerts currently happening in the northern half of the country, including Buenos Aires, right now.

Here are the alerts for various cities (Via: Infobae)
Here are the alerts for various cities (Via: Infobae)