Local residents congregated at the Plaza de Mayo to protest against President Mauricio Macri's decree that modified the media law. Photo via El Heraldo de Saltillo

President Mauricio Macri’s term isn’t even a week old and there are already calls for popular protests against his administration. Specifically, the protests are against the slew of decrees being used to govern the country while Congress is in recess, which has affected huge issues such as the Media Law.

In fact, there has already been a protest: on Tuesday, citizens gathered on the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires as well as in other cities like Rosario and Córdoba to protest against the government’s express intentions to change the Media Law, which regulates the distribution of television and radio licenses in Argentina and was an emblematic legislative victory of ex President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

The fact that Macri is governing via presidential decrees has also been cited as a cause for concern and has been seen by some as an abuse of executive authority. According to Notimex (video below), the majority of those at the Plaza de Mayo were not affiliated with a particular party (but had not voted for Macri).

In addition, the Kirchnerite youth organization La Cámpora is planning to stage a protest tomorrow at 5:00 PM, again on the historic Plaza de Mayo. This will be the first march against Macri organized by the political opposition. The organization has said it will be marching against the government’s attempt to change the Media Law.

It also said it will be calling Macri out on his decree that changed the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Audiovisual Communication Services (AFSCA) in order to pressure it’s current leader, Kirchnerite supporter Martín Sabbatella, into resigning from his post. Basically, Macri created a new Communications Ministry and put the AFSCA under its wing, a move which essentially took power away from Sabbatella, whom the PRO considers to be unfit to lead the national media watchdog due to his Kirchnerite loyalties.

Not sure what the Media Law is or why Macri’s intentions are apparently so dishonorable? Check out this article by The Bubble.

Happy one week in office, Macri!