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Following the initial controversy sparked by city councillor for Alta Gracia, Mario Torres, a few weeks ago after he proposed making the act of feeding stray dogs punishable by a fine; Torres has come back to redeem himself in support of our furry friends.

The local government, in conjunction with several animal rights organizations likes the Friends Of [Man’s] Best Friend Association (ADMA), the Social and Sustainable Animal Relief Foundation (FASS) and Claudia Sagrera, a neighboring animal rights activist; have converted the initiative into something a little bit more pooch friend by providing perks to people who adopt dogs living on the street.

These canine approved incentives include: a reduction in property tax, a free bag of food every month and free veterinary care. The discount to property tax will amount to an impressive 50%, which could mean savings of between AR $200 and $300 per month for most people.