MeA little more than a year ago, I began working as The Bubble’s managing editor. I am now leaving that post, but before I pirouette my way out of here like a Von Trapp child (minus the dexterity and Lederhosen, adding on a tray of office-provided medialunas and an intern),  here’s a quick note to say goodbye.

When I first signed on, little did I know just how much a niche publication primarily destined for English-speaking expats could grow. But 15 months on, I’m delighted and slightly bemused to hear Francophones profess that yes, they do indeed know “De Booble” or see Argentines living beyond the capital’s periphery share our articles on Facebook.

This tremendous growth is the result of a number of things, but is chiefly thanks to a remarkable team of writers from locations as exotic and diverse as the pasty beaches of Somerset, the curling wonderland that is Michigan, and, of course, our very own Buenos Aires. Such plurality has contributed to wonderful and constructive debate, ranging from how much the US should still be held accountable for the last military dictatorship to the merits of plataformas and mullets. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with such intelligent and funny human beings, many of whom have become dear friends and inspire me to be a better writer.

Not to be discounted: my fellow editors’ dedicated work; the kindness of the journalists we work alongside with, who not only share their time, space and resources with us but tolerate our Gringo outbursts and compulsion to hoard free pastries; a caffeine lifeline from LAB; and you, of course, our readers.

It’s been an exciting and complicated year, complete with a divisive presidential election, a difficult economic climate and a surprising number of sea lions. And it’s amid the occasional difficulty, both on a personal and societal level, that we can see the importance of levity. Working at The Bubble, there is no doubt that laughter often proved to be our most valuable weapon against drudgery, anxiety, fear — you name it. Laughter is also possibly the best manifestation of the publication’s very spirit. I certainly hope we’ve been able to share that with you.

I’m stepping down to pursue writing full time, including on these pages, and will stay on in Argentina for the next few months. We’ll meet again.

In the meantime: soo long, farewell, chau me voy — thank you.