Martín Litwak. (Photo from El Observador)

Since Martín Lousteau left his post as Ambassador to the United States in April, Argentina has been left without official representation in Washington. Though Lousteau never hid his plans to run for national deputy, his decision to quit 20 days before Macri met with President Trump set off alarm bells at the Casa Rosada. Jorge Faurie, who became Foreign Minister in June, now races against the clock to find Lousteau’s replacement before the primary elections.

There are three main names in the ring. The first is Isela Constantini, the well-liked former president of Aerolíneas Argentinas. But she has said she has no desire to return to public life. The second is incumbent Minister of Production Francisco “Pancho” Cabrera. The third – and most likely – is Martín Litwak, a young Argentine lawyer and investor based in the United States.

Isela Constantini will be Aerolíneas Argentinas' new CEO
Isela Constantini will be Aerolíneas Argentinas’ new CEO

Litwak, a Master of Finance, left Argentina in 2003 for the British Virgin Islands. There, he formed more than 50 investment funds and developed close ties with the region’s principal economic groups. As CEO of Litwak-Partners, he splits his life between Tortola and the United States.

Though Litwak is not a career diplomat, he has claimed via social media to “always be on the side of freedom.” He also revealed confidence in his diplomatic abilities via Twitter, saying, “I left Argentina 15 years ago and visit many times each year. With all its problems, I’ve never seen it better than now.”

But his business connections with Trump may be what appeal to Macri the most. Litwak is best friends with newly-appointed White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. The two met through the multinational Hedge Fund Association, of which Litwak is the regional director in Latin America.

His pick would be strategic for the Casa Rosada, which seeks to make up for lost time in both diplomacy and business with the United States. The ball remains in Macri’s court.