Soon. Photo via

The time has finally come: US President Barack Obama will soon be in our midst. Here’s what he’ll be doing over the course of the next two days:

Wednesday, March 23 – Arrival: 00:30 AM

Obama gets into Ezeiza Airport and stands in line for three hours while waiting for his passport to get stamped. Just kidding, he’s POTUS.

First Official Engagement: 10:30 AM

Obama is set to be received in the Salón de los Bustos in Casa Rosada by Mauricio Macri. The two leaders will then go alone to the Presidential office located on the first floor and will hold a bilateral meeting, a lovely little catch up.

The Hall of Busts looking rather splendid. Photo via
The Hall of Busts looking rather splendid. Photo via

Shortly after there’ll be another meeting involving five ministers from each country to sign cooperation agreements.

Michelle Obama, the US First Lady, will also be meeting up with students at the Metropolitan Design Center in Barracas at 9:30 AM, as part of her Let Girls Learn scheme which she is promoting throughout the visit. It’s an initiative for young girls and adolescents, over 62 million of whom still face complex obstacles stopping them from getting a proper education.

Second Official Engagement: 2:00 PM

I’m guessing lunch will have happened, and then he’s going to head down to the Metropolitan Cathedral amid an enormous, slick security operation to pay a floral tribute to General José de San Martín, the leader of Argentina’s independence movement.

Third Official Engagement: 4:00 PM

Damn, being the President really is a busy job. Obama will pay a quick visit to La Boca to force a smile, do some presidential handshaking and speak with young entrepreneurs at the Usina del Arte.

Fourth Official Engagement: 8:00 PM

400 guests will join the Obamas in the Kirchner Cultural Center (maybe they’ll be treated to chorriPRO to be slurped down with some malbec.)

Thursday, March 24 – Final Event

Although the White House have said in no uncertain terms that the visit is “not about the past,” rather poignantly both Obama and Macri will be paying their respects to the victims of the last military dictatorship in Parque de la Memoria remembrance park sometime in the morning. This particular 24th of March is an important date as it marks the 40th anniversary of the 1976 military coup that starting a seven-year long, bloody dictatorship.

Bariloche... Don't know why he's bothering. Photo via
Bariloche… Don’t know why he’s bothering, really. Photo via

Later in the day, the Obama family will be flying out to have some downtime out in the Patagonian town of Bariloche before returning promptly to Buenos Aires to fly back to Washington at 11:30 PM. The first family trip the Obamas have made for Whistle stop. That’s efficiency for you.