Sad face.

The US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta Jacobson confirmed yesterday that neither Barack Obama nor Joe Biden are planning to visit Argentina any time soon, according to a story published in Clarín today.

The diplomat did say, however, that the Obama administration is looking to improve bilateral relations with those nations in the region that hold some differences with the US, for which a tour around the continent in the next four years is highly likely. The goal is to work on common interests as long as they are “based on concrete actions and mutual respect.”

The three countries that for now are not included in Obama’s list of Super Duper Fun Latin American Tour are:

“Venezuela, obviously. Argentina and Bolvia,” Jacobson said.

The good old Bolivarian “axis of evil.” No surprise there.

Whatever Obama! We’ve got the Pope, Messi and Queen Máxima. We don’t need you.

(Story via Infobae, Photo via Wikipedia)