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Time to strip down to your birthday suit. Well, if you want to, no pressure, take your time. But really, when will you have another chance to be stark naked in public? Not many I would think, not legally at least.

Unless you live your days living the nudist life, letting your skin feel liberated from the oppressing weight of that H&M t-shirt you hate but wear anyway, then you might not know that Argentina has a fair share of “clothing optional” areas.

Some people like to go on vacation and visit these nudists spots, letting themselves go “crazy” for a day or two but others, live this everyday of their lives, or at least, on a regular basis. According to the Association of Naturalists and Nudists in Argentina (Apanna), nudists try to respect themselves, others and their environment. It’s a big love fest full of self-acceptance, which doesn’t sound horrible in a day and age where anyone above a size four is made to feel bad about themselves.

“The shame of being nude is a prejudice created by society…We were born naked and we dress because society taught us that showing certain areas of our body is shameful,” said Florencia Brenner, a founder of Apanna.

Brenner said that nudists stray away from the norms of society and try to accept themselves and others without judgment of body types with the idea of valuing people for who they are and not what they look like.

In Argentina, there are various spots where you can be nude. Whether it’s your first time leaping into this new world, or whether you’re a lifetime nudist, there’s something for everyone. There are two beaches, Playa Querandi and Playa Escondida, and there are various activities that you can do nude, such a yoga, sailing, hiking, among others.

Let’s talk about sex baby

I know, I know, every time you think nude or nudist beach you’re imagining a huge orgy happening out in public, right? Well wrong. It’s not all about the sex — though just to warn you, depending on where you go, there could be some sex, possibly a lot of it. But that seems to be the exception, rather than the rule.

In some nudists spots sex is welcomed and it’s something people casually do in public. On the ground, on a bench, under a tree, it’s all up for grabs really. In Argentina, Palos Verdes (the dick jokes write themselves if you’re a Spanish speaker) is a place where you might find a couple or two going at it out in the open air, but there’s also more private areas for those times that you might want some more privacy for your “activities.”

In general though, most nudist spots are family friendly. Yes, you read that right, children, parents, the whole family is welcomed. In Córdoba, the Nudist Reserve of Yatan Rumi is an environment where the family can come to enjoy a day out like any other family, but also enjoy it strutting their stuff out in the open.  Families can play sports, do yoga, get massages, or simply just walk around. And of course, in places like this, public sex is completely prohibited.

But wherever nudist place you go, it’s not just a free for all, do whatever you want kind of thing. Apanna has its own code of ethics that it likes to follow in shared nudists areas. Some of those are: no photography, no littering, respecting the natural environment, being friendly but not invasive, no yelling obscenities.

So stop worrying, it’s not as weird as you think it may be. You might actually come to love the whole idea at the end. But don’t knock it ‘till you try it.