Mauricio Macri, Dutch Queen Máxima (center, also an Argentine) and First Lady Juliana Awada. (Photo via Casa Rosada)

Yesterday in Davos, President Mauricio Macri announced an international business deal of nuclear proportions. The state-owned company INVAP and the Dutch nuclear research organization Pallas Foundation will build a nuclear reactor in the Dutch city of Petten. The reactor will be dedicated to the research and production of radio-isotopes for medicinal purposes.

La Nación said the project will be worth US $400 million, although Macri didn’t give a specific figure. Macri said the project is “great news” and that INVAP is “working on other developments to sell to the world.”

INVAP specializes in the research and construction of nuclear reactors, radio-isotopes, and other nuclear-related projects. In the past, INVAP has built three nuclear reactors in Argentina, and others in Algeria, Australia, Egypt, Peru, and (almost) Iran.

“This is a very important milestone for us, because it confirms that Argentina can be a reliable partner in the peaceful use of nuclear technology,” Macri said as he left the meeting with Dutch leaders. He emphasized that this deal is an example of “good things that re-entering the world brings.”

The reference is probably a dig at the previous administration’s populist, isolationist policies (he even said in a speech today that “the populist experiment is over”). Throughout his time in Davos, Macri has been emphasizing his enthusiasm for engaging in global business ventures, setting himself up for hosting the G20 later this year.