Have a soul in need of some soothing? Free up your Tuesday evening then because Notorious Club could have just the thing. The Luciana De Rissio quartet will be paying homage to jazz goddess Billie Holiday. Simply the best in the game. This legend set the bar for the jazz world, and any night paying tribute to “Lady Day” is never one to miss.

Backed by Ernesto Zeppa on drums, Ezequiel Dutil on double bass and Nahuel Bailo on piano, the quartet are set to play a variety of Holiday songs. Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions with chirpy numbers mixed with more pensive pippings, something to mix up the mind and shake up that ordinary week.

Billie Holiday:

Undeniably a queen of jazz, Holiday or “Lady Day” (a 1937 nickname) remains and will remain a fundamental pillar in the musical parthenon that is jazz. Her voice is quite simply unforgettable; it’s cutting and harrowing yet the closest thing honey comes to in vocal format. Like many musical legends, she lived a turbulent life.

She was born in 1915 to a teen mother in a part of the US rife with struggle and racial discrimination. Sent to a facility for troubled girls at the age of nine for a year, she later moved to New York with her mother in late 1920s. There she worked in prostitution to get by. To forget her blues she used music as an outlet, however this was joined with falling victim to alcohol and heroin abuse.

Billie holiday 2

Her musical career was fruitful, staring as a big band vocalist for Count Bassie‘s orchestra among other collaborations, including a plethora of work with Louis Armstrong. She released ten studio albums, had hugely successful tours and wrote her autobiography, “Lady Sings The Blues,” in 1956. One powerful song in particular, an Abel Meeropol poem addressing African American lynching in the South, Strange Fruit, is harrowing enough to bring shivers to any spine.

Holiday sadly passed away at the premature age of 44 from complications stemming from alcohol and drug abuse. Celebrated and recognized as a music legend throughout the industry, her influence is seldom forgotten. In 2000, Billie Holiday was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and rightly so.


Tuesday 14th, 9:30PM onwards


Notorious Club (Av. Callao 966)

How much:

AR $170