Of the 146 airline routes Norwegian Airlines requested to operate in Argentina, the top three are routes that include Mendoza, Córdoba, and Spain.

This comes as exciting news following Thursday’s announcement that Norwegian, a popular low-cost airline, will initiate its first flight in Argentina by opening a route between Buenos Aires and London next February, with round trip fares starting at £598 (AR $12,300). Though the Argentine civil aviation authority (Administración Nacional de Aviación Civil – ANAC) has yet to approve further expansion by Norwegian, CEO and founder of the company Bjørn Kjos is confident that his services in Argentina are in high demand.

“It’s still expensive to travel from Buenos Aires to other cities in South America and the US. One should have such low fares that people are really attracted to flights,” said Kjos in a recent interview with Infobae.

According to an official announcement by Kjos and the Argentine ambassador to London, Carlos Sersale di Cerisano, once ANAC approves Norwegian’s license and routes, the company plans to join Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and Mendoza via six aircraft for cheaper travel within the country.

Kjos also mentioned that he wants to provide flights to Spain and compete with the Spanish low-cost airline, Level, which is owned by IAG and currently provides inexpensive flights from Buenos Aires to Barcelona. In an interview with Infobae, the Norwegian CEO expressed confidence in his company’s ability to out-price competition and emphasized the importance of a stable government for the success of businesses like his own.