Noah Mamet is set to leave his position on 20th January. Photo via

January 20th 2017 will, in all likelihood, be a rough day for leftists the world over when Trump gets inaugurated as President of the United States. It will be a day that brings change to Argentina too it seems, as Noah Mamet is officially set to leave his current position as US Ambassador to Argentina.

Argentina’s US Embassy issued a statement yesterday confirming that Mamet sent a formal letter of resignation to President Barack Obama on 7th December. His departure is ostensibly in keeping with a “long-standing tradition” that sees all US ambassadors step down “each time the Presidency changes.” While this is true, Mamet has also been appropriately straightforward in expressing his concern for the president-elect’s stances on policy.

Noah Mamet has worked on improving bilateral relations for the last two years

Mamet, who took office in Argentina in December 2014, has been a key figure in the strengthening of relations between Argentina and the United States under the Obama administration in the last two years. But it seems his duties are not over quite yet, as the embassy’s statement explains: “Until January 20th, he will continue to work hard every day to promote bilateral relations. Although his future plans are not yet established, he hopes to continue to play a useful role for both countries in the private sector.”

The statement also adds: “Like President Obama, Ambassador Mamet is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for the next ambassador, once he or she is appointed, and will support whoever is elected in any way he can.” In the meantime, however, Minister Counselor Thomas Cooney, who has acted alongside Mamet as Deputy Chief of Mission, will take on the Ambassador’s responsibilities until a successor is nominated and approved by the US Senate.

Thomas Cooney will fill in until a new ambassador is nominated. Photo via Infobae

According to the embassy, Mamet’s letter to President Obama also includes references to some of the many achievements made during his two years in Buenos Aires. With a focus on the improvement of bilateral relations between the two countries and the creation of a solid path to strength ties in the future, the ambassador highlighted the Obama family’s visit to Argentina “to create conditions to promote new initiatives such as the High-Level Dialogue (Diálogo de Alto Nivel), the Commercial Dialogue (Diálogo Comercial) and the Digital Economy Working Group (Grupo de Trabajo Digital).”

Obama’s visit to Argentina saw him dance tango. Photo via CBS News

Among other significant projects, the diplomat also noted the “increased opportunities for Argentine students to study in the US through educational exchange, the Argentina-US Award to the Entrepreneur of the Year” and the embassy’s first place status in November 2016 in terms of visas issued by a US embassy across the world, “offering further proof of the ties between the two countries.”

As we enter a new era that will see Trump become one of the world’s most powerful men, it’s likely that Ambassador Noah Mamet will be sorely missed. In light of the president-elect’s campaign promises, the future relationship between Argentina and The US is anything but clear.