Former US ambassador to Argentina Noah Mamet has expressed his willingness to support Edward C. Prado, Donald Trump's nominee for his old job.

Former US ambassador to Argentina Noah Mamet has offered US President Donald Trump’s nominee to succeed him his best wishes and his help going forward.

Yesterday, the White House announced that it intends to nominate Judge Edward C. Prado as the next resident of the Palacio Bosch. Mamet departed the Embassy in January 2017 and since then it has been under the stewardship of Chargé d’affaires Tom Cooney.

Speaking to The Bubble, Mamet said “I’m pleased to see the administration nominate the next Ambassador to Argentina. Of course there’s still a process to go through prior to the confirmation by the US Senate. I’ve always said whoever the next Ambassador is, he or she will inherit an incredibly talented and dedicated team at the embassy and residence.”

Mamet oversaw a period of warming relations after President Mauricio Macri was elected and he also said that he expected the relationship between Washington and Buenos Aires to continue to strengthen. “We have an excellent bilateral relationship between both counties and under Tom Cooney’s strong leadership as Chargé this past year, the momentum we built while I was Ambassador has continued and grown. I wish the best for the next Ambassador and will offer whatever I can do to help him succeed.”

Since Trump was sworn-in as president, Macri has sought to maintain the good relationship built in the period that he overlapped with former US president Barack Obama. The Trump-Macri period has seen disputes over Argentine lemon exports, which have been resolved, as well as the more recent disagreements about Argentine biodiesel exports to the US. Nonetheless, during a meeting in Washington in April 2017, the US president praised Macri as a regional ally.