Stop. Stealing. My. Thunder. Cristina. Photo via Infobae

Yesterday, an official communication from the Casa Rosada revealed that President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was to receive Victory Front (FpV) candidate, Daniel Scioli, at her presidential residence in Olivos later today to discuss his continued electoral campaign.

But ex-candidate for governor of Buenos Aires (but still current Cabinet Chief) Aníbal Fernández met this morning with Alberto Pérez and revealed that this meeting is no longer going to take place:

“It is not on [Scioli’s] schedule.”

He explained that FpV hopeful need only consult his party-superior at times of great need — during electoral campaigns, waves of criticism and so on — and that, right now, he, “is getting on with his campaign,” and Cristina, “is getting on with her political initiative, just as she does every day.”

In short, Fernández was trying to say that Cristina and Scioli are not a mutually exclusive political entity.

And he isn’t the only one trying to dispel the myth of an unbreakable bond between the Peronist pair — Scioli, too, seems to be frustrated by the perpetual associations made between him and Cristina.

According to La Nación, when questioned about the scheduled Olivos meeting, he told Radio con Vos:

“I speak to and meet up with the president when I have to.”

In past weeks we have seen Scioli accused by media and politicians alike of being “mommed”  by Cristina and of having zero autonomy from the outgoing President — something that would mean that a new government under his rule would lead to much of the Kirchnerite same.

This heralded belief that Scioli is Cristina’s puppet would also affect which candidate Sergio Massa and consequently, many of his voters, chooses to elect on November 22. Just yesterday, Massa said he would only ever consider voting for Scioli if he broke away from Kirchnerism.

But Scioli says that, “These are all speculations. I speak all the time, this question of whether I am speaking [with Cristina] or not, of whether I am going to meet up with her or not, is an ongoing speculation. Do you realize how many times I meet up with her or I phone her and nobody knows anything about it?”

Scioli’s hypothetical cabinet (which has no La Cámpora members in sight) has already taken his political vision leaps away from Cristina’s and this latest outburst suggests that movement towards autonomy and change is a real possibility for the FpV candidate.