Sorry Santa — not this year

In a move on par with the Grinch stealing Christmas, news from the Casa Rosada confirms many state workers worst fears — there will not be any holiday time given for either Christmas or New Year’s.

2016, the year that just keeps giving, has kicked us all where it hurts yet again with both Christmas and New Year’s falling on weekends – which means no long weekends or weekday holiday time for the majority of Argentina’s workers.

While the private sector has more wiggle room to decide what holiday time could look like, traditionally it has taken cues from the public sector. Which is precisely why this piece of news is such a bummer.

Provincial governments in Santa Cruz, Chubut and Tierra del Fuego have gone against the grain and are offering long weekends for their public workers on either the Monday after or the Friday before the holidays.

Fun fact — President Macri is set to go on a weeklong vacation this coming Sunday, but you know hearing “do as I say, not as I do” sounds like the most logical way of wrapping up the least popular year in recent memory.

Oh and no Christmas gift boxes for Casa Rosada staff this year because you know, austerity measures are the real gift this year.