“The Baltimore Bullet” Michael Phelps is already in town and warming up before heading into the Bosques de Palermo, where right in front of the Planetarium he will be working out alongside elite athletes Luciana Aymar, Victoria Woodward, Cynthia Mayer, Julián Jato, and the media at 6 PM.

Oh and did I mention that it’s open to the public so everyone can join? Because it is.

People on Instagram are wondering if the Olympian will be swimming today, but even when Phelp’s natural habitat is in the pool, the Rosedal lake, which is full ducks and water plants, is not even close to the real thing. This time, he will be training at an Under Armour pop-up gym to announce the official disembarkation of the American activewear brand in Argentina.

Phelps became the most decorated Olympian of history after a prodigious comeback in Rio 2016, when he proved to be the coolest 31-year-old dad in the world after leading the US national team to victory in a 400-meter medley relay, just before coming out of retirement in front of his three-month-old son Boomer.

To put it in context: Phelps has more gold medals (23) than Argentina in its complete Olympic history (21).

The legend’s visit to Buenos Aires can serve as the perfect excuse to come across that energy you need to start working on your Summer body. And what can be more inspiring than watching one of the most successful athletes in the world training right in a public park in town?

Argentine hockey player Luciana Aymar, who was named best player in the world eight times before her retirement, will be also working out along Phelps, the actors Matías Mayer, Sonia Zavaleta, Nicolás Riera, and the model Delfina Ferrari. The event will be open to everyone who wants to see them training.

You might have the chance to take a selfie with the swimming legend, but don’t get mad if that doesn’t happen.

Michael Phelps at the Rosedal | Thursday, December 7th | 6 PM | Ave. Sarmiento with Ave. Figueroa Alcorta (In front of the Planetarium) | Free Entry |