Tomorrow marks two years to the day since the body of Alberto Nisman was found in his apartment in Le Parc tower in Puerto Madero under very controversial circumstances. It appears that one of the most notorious crime scenes in recent Buenos Aires history has  just been rented out to an Italian couple.

The apartment had been under judicial custody for ten months given its key role in determining what had happened during the hours before Nisman passed away; due to a lack of evidence and cause of death still going unknown, the jury is still out, so to speak, on whether the his death was a murder or suicide.

The owner of the apartment block, Héctor Edgardo Acevedo, was in fact among those to testify before the prosecutor Eduardo Taiano during which he stated he found it rather difficult to find anyone willing to rent the apartment, but finally chanced upon an Italian couple who work in the Italian consulate.

Given the circumstances, the complaint does seem to be a certain level of tact and sensitivity.

Although not under suspicion, Acevedo’s role in the case certainly raises a few questions. Acevedo claims that he was unaware of Nisman’s professional role prior to his death due to the fact that Nisman allegedly rented the apartment through a company. However, his own daughter is a former secretary for UFI-AMIA.

Another rumor involving Acevedo and his daughter also circulated that prompted investigators to probe for further information. A friend of Nisman, and the boyfriend of one of the secretaries of the AMIA prosecutor’s office, said in his testimony that Acevedo’s daughter noted a mark on a chair within the apartment. In response, Acevedo’s daughter said that it was possible that the wear on the upholstery was due to the effects of direct sunlight, although it might not rule out other possibilities. She also mentioned the lack of one of the bodies of the chair.

Acevedo denied spotting anything suspicious or noteworthy about the mark on the chair and argued that the body of the chair very well could have gotten lost in transit upon his initial moving into the apartment. For now, the claim is not being investigated further.

President Mauricio Macri gave a press conference on Tuesday at the Casa Rosada during which he referred to the death of Alberto Nisman. “It is important to know the truth about the report and his death […] Let’s hope we know the truth in a reasonable amount of time and without any delay.”

For the meantime, the couple moving into the apartment have not given any statements. According to one of the private security agents for the complex: “They don’t speak Spanish very well.”