Oh-oh. Here we go.

The AP is reporting that US Senator Marco Rubio (a Republican from Florida) is calling for “an independent investigation into the mysterious death” of Prosecutor Alberto Nisman. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (another Republican from Florida) and chairwoman of the Middle East and North Africa Subcommittee, agrees with him.

After learning of Nisman’s death, Rubio said the news were “very concerning on many levels”. According to Fox News Latino:

“I intend to explore ways to ensure Dr. Nisman’s thorough investigation into Iran’s role in the AMIA and his lengthy reports on Iran’s penetration into Latin America receive the attention they deserve,” he said.

“I call on Argentinian authorities to ensure that a credible and transparent investigation into his death is carried out. I also urge the Fernandez government to resist any efforts to whitewash Iran’s true role in the 1994 bombing,” he added.

Ros-Lehtinen also issued a statement:

“My office and I were in frequent communication with Alberto to discuss the AMIA case and the threat that Iran and its proxy Hezbollah poses to hemispheric security,” said a statement released by Ros-Lehtinen. “Under these mysterious circumstances, I urge an independent, transparent, and neutral entity to fully investigate the facts surrounding his death”.

Because as if the situation wasn’t messy and chaotic enough, now we’ll have to deal with Marco Rubio.