Agustín Zbar of the AMIA speaks after the ceremony for Alberto Nisman (Photo via Télam / Carlos Brigo)

Family members, members of the judiciary, Jewish community leaders and government officials paid tribute to late AMIA special prosecutor Alberto Nisman this morning, three years on from the day he was found dead in his apartment with a single gunshot wound to this head.

At a ceremony at the La Tablada cemetery attended by Nisman’s daughters, his mother Sara Garfunkel, members of the DAIA and AMIA Jewish community, attendees paid their respects with a minute of silence, prayer and flowers.

For the head of the AMIA, Agustín Zbar, Nisman’s work investigating the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center lead him to his death and said that “the investigation into his death can shed light” on the bombing that claimed the lives of 85 people. Nisman filed a criminal complaint against then-president Crisitna Fernández de Kirchner and other members of her government for seeking to allegedly whitewash suspected Iranian responsibility for the bombing only days before he was found dead.

Fernández de Kirchner and others were indicted by Federal Judge Carlos Bonadio on those accusations in early December 2017.

DAIA President Ariel Cohen Sabban said that the anniversary of the death “is a good opportunity to reflect on what kind of an Argentina we would like to build. If it’s a country of impunity of if it’s country where justice rules.”

In the most recent decision by Federal Judge Julián Ercolini, who is investigating Nisman’s death, Diego Lagomarsino was indicted for being a “necessary accessory” in Nisman’s homicide. Lagomarsino was a member of the AMIA investigation, focusing on IT issues. Central to the indictment is the fact that Lagomarsino gave Nisman the weapon that fired the bullet that killed him. The IT specialist has maintained that Nisman asked for the weapon, which he has acknowledged as his, for the safety of his daughters, whereas the judge has found that the weapon was used by “third parties” to kill the AMIA prosecutor. The investigations that took place immediately after Nisman’s death had proven inconclusive about whether the death was a suicide or homicide.

Prosecutor Ricardo Sáenz said that he felt a change in “the tainted environment of the previous government and everything they did to attack Nisman’s image, which was an effort to discredit him and sully his complaint.”

Environment Minister Sergio Bergman added that “in 2015 not everyone spoke out and they were more on the side of suspicion. Today everyone is talking about a murder and ruling out the absurd hypothesis of a suicide.” Justice Minister Germán Garavano, who did not attend the ceremony, said today on Télam Radio that “it is important that during this year” there be definitive conclusions about Nisman’s death in the courts.