Lagomarsino. Photo by Nicolás Stulberg

Update: Federal Judge Julián Ercolini upheld Taiano’s request and effectively called Diego Lagomarsino into questioning. Ercolini will question the IT expert on November 14 and then determine whether to indite him.

Taiano considers Lagormarsino was an accessory (legal term) in Nisman’s death because he lent him the gun from which the shot that ended his life came.

Federal Prosecutor Eduardo Taiano today requested Diego Lagomarsino, the only person who has been officially charged in the case investigating the death of Prosecutor Alberto Nisman’s death, be called into questioning. He also requested Nisman’s four bodyguards appear before Federal Judge Julián Ercolini as well, as he considers they didn’t fulfill their duties properly by not being able to prevent his death. Now it will be up to Ercolini to determine whether to uphold the prosecutor’s request. Although he still hasn’t given any hints about his decision, Ercolini immediately determined the investigation will no longer be accessible to the public and will be kept under strict secrecy.

Taiano considers Lagormarsino was an accessory (legal term) in Nisman’s death because he lent him the gun from which the shot that ended his life came. His consideration about the relevance of this event changed in September, after 28 Border Patrol analysts issued a report concluding that Nisman was “killed in cold blood,” and that the crime scene had been tampered with in order to make it look like he had committed suicide.

Since the beginning, Lagomarsino assured that Nisman had asked him for the gun because, due to the caliber of the accusation he had just made, he believed he and his family were in danger and wanted to protect his two daughters.

Although experts hired by Lagomarsino’s defense to partake in the analyses questioned Border Patrol’s conclusions and assured that Nisman effectively used the weapon to commit suicide, others  provided by the late prosecutor’s mother and daughters through their lawyers — both are also litigating parties in the case, although separate from each other — supported them. According to Border Patrol’s report, Nisman died on January 18, between 2 and 3 AM. On their end, Lagomarsino’s experts assure that he actually died between 11 AM and 1 PM of that same day.


With this request, Taiano indicates that he sides with Border Patrol’s analysis. And in fact, President Mauricio Macri did that today as well. In a lunch at the Council of the Americas in New York Macri said that “he [Nisman] was killed. And we need to know who did it.””Clarifying what happened is vital because it also has to do with providing clarity to our future, we need truth in all aspects in Argentina. I promised to the people of my country that I will always tell the truth to them,” he added, according to the Associated Press.

Taiano argued there is no evidence to claim that Lagomarsino committed the murder, but there is enough to sustain he was part of a criminal plan. “[he provided] a ‘friendly weapon’ that was used in a montage aimed at making it look like a suicide,” the prosecutor said in his request.

The lawyer of Nisman’s daughters, Manuel Romero Victorica, celebrated Taiano’s decision and assured that “this radically changes the investigation.” In an interview with Radio Mitre, Romero Victorica said that “no one believed it at the beginning and no one believes now that the prosecutor asked Lagomarsino for a gun to protect his daughters, who were on the other side of the Atlantic [ocean] with their mother, who is a federal judge,” he said.

“The plaintiff considered Lagomarsino to be an accessory of the crime since the beginning (…) there’s no proof in the case file that he was the one who shot the gun. I can’t assure it, but I can’t rule it out either. I can say that he was an accessory because he planted the weapon,” he added. At the time this article is being written, neither Lagomarsino nor his lawyer, Maximiliano Rusconi, have made public statements following Taiano’s request.