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As if you didn’t have enough apps to refresh through before actually having a productive day, Taringa! got up to date with life by launching its first mobile-compatible platform called Shouts.

And it’s doing pretty damn well: the new app of the Argentine homegrown alternative to “global hegemonies” such as Facebook and Twitter has attracted 50 million Android device users after only one month.

“Everyday, the world’s love for GIFs, memes and humorous micro-content grows more… This is territory on which Latin America has yet to plant a flag, and we think Taringa will be the perfect pioneer for the field,” Taringa! director Hernán Botbol told La Nacion.

Shouts is mainly a space for more viral Taringa! content — mostly memes and GIFs (who needs more?). The Shouts section on the site came about in 2011, but grew over 350 percent over the last year. 

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The Latin American 9gag, if you will, is home to 27 million registered users who create and share thousands of daily posts for your browsing pleasure consisting of Life Hacks, Tutorials, Recipes, News, Sports, Technology, Reviews and Art, among others. Taringa!’s main markets are Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Peru and the Latinos in the US.

Nicholas Cohen, CTO of Taringa! says plans to launch an iOS version are in the works for next year. “At the moment the focus is Android, which accommodates a high percentage of our users… for now the cost to create other versions is not justified if we haven’t garnered a significant audience for them yet.” 

If you’re a 4.1 (or better) Android carrier, your six o’clock subte rides just got a lot more bearable. And, after all of the wtf moments in last night’s 2015 election debate, today’s memes and GIFs should be pure gold.