After an unexpected reshuffling of Cristina’s Cabinet last Thursday (that ended with former Security Minister Nilda Garré being sent away to a Russian Gulag appointed the new Argentine ambassador to the OAS) Agustín Rossi and Arturo Puricelli were sworn in as Defense and Security ministers respectively.

The President removed Garré from the Security Ministry last week and appointed former Defense Minister Arturo Puricelli to replace her. At the same time, she tapped Agustín Rossi, the head of the Kirchnerite caucus in the Lower House and a fierce advocate of Cristina’s policies, to fill Puricelli’s now empty seat.

Cristina’s decision to reshuffle her Cabinet comes as she prepares to face a tough race in the October midterm elections.

The highlight of the ceremony was when Rossi was invited to sign the official bill at the end of the ceremony, and instead of making use of the Casa Rosada’s fancy fountain pen, he pulled out a $2 peso pen from one of his pockets.

Like Néstor (Kirchner),” he said, in reference to the former President’s disdain for protocol and rules of etiquette.

Like Néstor.”

Right. He wishes.

(Footage via Telam, photo via Telam)