In yet another cultural event not to miss out on — an exhibition hailing one of the founding fathers of investigative journalism in Argentina, famed writer Rodolfo Walsh. Walsh was an influential journalist and novelist during the last military dictatorship known for his works of fiction and denouncing the regime. The exhibition, starting tomorrow, is being housed at the Museo de la Memoria (ESMA), the former illegal detention center will showcase never seen before work from the Argentine legend.

Arguably his most acclaimed work, “Carta Abierta de un Escritor a la Junta Militar” (“Open Letter From a Writer to the Military Junta“) explicitly accused the military of depriving Argentines of their human rights, torturing civilians and murdering 15 thousand people. This led to Walsh’s broad daylight assassination in Buenos Aires and the kidnapping of his body leaving him classed as one of the many desaparecidos (disappeared) of the regime.

While writing “Open Letter From A Writer to the Military Junta” Walsh was also working on a “Juan se iba por el río” (“Juan is being dragged by the river”). Unfortunately this work was never released. However for the first time, thanks to the memory and dedication of two people a sample version has been recreated.

The only people to have read the tale were Walsh’s then partner Lilia Ferreyra and military worker Martín Gras. Gras was ordered to clear out Walsh’s house and discovered works in the basement including “The Open Letter To The Military Junta”, a letter he wrote to his daughter Vicky and that final story, which remains unpublished.

“The military dictatorship not only killed Rodolfo Walsh, it also hijacked his work,” said Alejandra Naftal, the museum’s executive director.

40 years after his assassination the sample from the unknown tale will be showcased along with some of Walsh’s other works and various testimonies from ESMA survivors.


From Tuesday 28th March- Sunday 23rd April


Museo Sitio de Memoria, ESMA (Av. Del Libertador 8151)

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