Football violence, the ugly side of the game is proving hard to eliminate. However, recently the national government has taken steps to tackle the problem, instructing the Ministry of Security to “prevent violence during football matches” in newly signed legislation.

“Given the current problem of security in football shows and the current structure of the Ministry of Security, it is timely and convenient to dictate a set of measures aimed at preventing violence in football” said a government spokesman.

Decree 246/2017 signed this morning advocates the anti-violence message by reinstating previous measures and implementing need methods of regulation in the game. The new methods will include the Ministry of Security’s right to temporarily or permanently close stadiums which do not adhere to the new regulation for safeguarding people during the game. Also there will be a restriction on the attendance to football events by anyone who they deem may generate a risk to public safety.

The regulation will apply to football matches throughout the country, both official and friendly. It will include teams representing various entities such as Argentine Football Association (AFA) competitions, the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) and the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA). 

You can read the whole decree here.

“International safety standards in sporting events, and the knowledge and experience we now have make it imperative to adapt the regulations on sports safety, through the design and implementation of new prevention policies” declared the government.

The Security Minister, Patricia Bullrich has been on the case to combat football violence, releasing a five-point plan in October last year.

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