Music legends New Order are still standing strong and will hit Buenos Aires tonight, marking their fourth performance on Argentine soil. “Why now?” you might ask. To showcase their tenth studio album ‘Music Complete‘ of course. This stop features as one of five in their South American tour this year.

1980 sadly marked the end of a four-year promising career from English greats, Joy Division. This followed the tragic suicide of lead singer, Ian Curtis. Out of the ashes, New Order was born. Hitting the scene later that year the new group commenced their long (35 years) and prosperous career; albeit with a few breaks and some new faces along the way.

Pioneers of a British 80s sound, the group soon became picked up. With a combination of melodic new wave tunes mixed with the aid of synthesisers the group created a sound that resonated worldwide, marking them as one the most acclaimed bands of the 1980s. Their 1983 hit, Blue Monday becoming the biggest selling 12-inch single ever. Not exactly a small feat.

Last year the group launched Music Complete after a sizeable eleven year break from recording new music. The 11-track album was well worth the wait, featuring an eclectic mix of New Order sounds — new-wave meets synth-pop, meets the occasional blast of house. The track, “People On The High Line” is a particular house-sounding number pioneered by new bassist Tom Chapman. The four-piece, still featuring original members Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner, are set to see fans old and new rocking out to their revived and re-energized sound.

One way to mark the release of a new album? Why, create a beer of course. Yep, you guessed it. Named “Stray Dog” after a track in Music Complete (featuring a monologue from the one and only Iggy Pop) the band joined forces with a local brewers to launch the drink back in August. It’s “refreshing and clean tasting golden ale with hints of citrus fruit and lychee” is available nationwide throughout England, for any keen beer drinkers heading over there for Christmas.


The group will be playing at 9PM at Luna Park stadium, tickets are still going so you grab one here.