Photo via El Destape

In what already seems like a Sunday morning tradition, Infobae published the content of a new alleged conversation between former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and ex-Director of Operations of Argentina’s Intelligence Service (AFI), Oscar Parrilli.

This time, the recipients of the already infamous wrath the former president unleashes in these conversations are wildly popular TV show host Marcelo Tinelli and, more importantly one of her main political enemies, Deputy Margarita Stolbizer, for whom Fernández had perhaps the most incendiary language so far. And considering she calls her right-hand man “pelotudo” on a daily basis, this is not an easy accomplishment.

In this case, the former president, upset about recent charges Stolbizer had pressed against her, insults Stolbizer, calls her “dumb” and asks Parrilli to “go out to kill her.” However, with this expression Fernández appears to indicate Parrilli to go out and attack her on the media, questioning her honesty and integrity.

“Listen to me. Did you see the article about Stolbizer messing with the Patria [institute. A sort of Kirchnerite political think tank]. Go out and kill this motherfucker,” Fernández tells Parrilli, and goes on to explain how she wants him to “kill” her.

“Who finances her? How can she travel, be a politician, campaign? Because I don’t know any… do you know if she worked on the private sector at any point? She has always been a politician,” she says.

Stolbizer took to Twitter to address the audio: “When Cristina says: ‘Kill this mf,’ who knows what this guy who she calls a ‘pelotudo’ understands,” she said, making reference to audios that leaked a couple of weeks ago, where Fernández allegedly calls Parrilli a “pelotudo” every other sentence.

Stolbizer has made uncovering corruption scandals involving the former president a big part of her political identity. In fact, she is the one who pressed the charges that kicked off most of the cases in which Fernández is being investigated for money laundering and embezzlement — such as the “hotesur” and “los sauces” cases. The deputy even wrote a book called “Yo Acuso” (I Accuse, much like Emile Zola’s J’Accuse) where she presents much of the evidence that got her to spearhead a judicial charge against the former President.

Infobae’s article goes on to recap how, in order to “kill” Stolbizer, Parrilli leaks information they consider damning for the deputy and analyze the steps to take from there.

“I talked to [C5N TV channel reporter Roberto] Navarro. It’s in every outlet, we got it everywhere. I talked to [also C5N reporter] Víctor Hugo [Morales] and I’ll be on [Radio host Marcelo] Zlotogwiazda,” Parrilli tells an approving Fernández.

By the end of the conversation, the former president requests Parrilli gets other leaders of the Victory Front (FpV) to join the campaign against Stolbizer: “Talk to Rodolfo [Tailhade, FpV Deputy], with the Crow [Andres Larroque], Teresa Parodi, so they all go take on this mother fucker.”

In the same Twitter rant where she addressed Fernández’s insults, Stolbizer said that “she [Cristina] can’t justify where she got the money for her assets. It’s easy for me to explain my lifestyle. Not as successful a lawyer [as the former President, who famously said she got all her money from her successful law practice], I’ve been in the same house for 25 years.

As for Tinelli, Fernández unleashes her fury on him after President Mauricio Macri received him in the Olivos residence, following a controversy that erupted after a Macri impersonator went on Tinelli’s show in his underwear.

“What could these two idiots have talked about for two hours? It’s incredible. They would have never gotten a picture of me and Tinelli like that in their lives. Remember that he used to call me and I wouldn’t pick up. A head of state is a head of state,” says Fernández, before going to speculate whether both parties reached an agreement in the meeting.

Same as Stolbizer, Tinelli resorted to Twitter to address Cristina’s insults, even though they took place in a private conversation. “Cris calls me an idiot. What an honor. I’m down the right path. She made my Sunday,” haha. Tinelli says.

The phone tapping was authorized by Judge Ariel Lijo, as part of a separate investigation looking at Parrilli for allegedly covering up information that could have led to the arrest of national fugitive, Ibar Perez Corradi, at the time he was wanted for his involvement in the infamous Triple Homicide of 2008.