Narcos - one of the most addictive series there is. (Photo via Netflix)

Bet you didn’t know it’s Valentine’s Day next week, (you tried to forget, didn’t you?) But who am I to judge, you may even be slightly excited, armed with a swanky restaurant reservation and some arm candy, what’s not to love? Or maybe all this talk of romance makes you shudder, PDA makes you cringe, OTT gestures of love are embarrassing and Valentine’s Day is just over commercialized bullsh*t.

Netflix and chill (solo) is always a viable option and a valid excuse to avoid anything in our books.

If you haven't binged on Breaking Bad yet, then why not? (Photo via Netflix, Lewis Jacobs Photographer)
If you haven’t binged on Breaking Bad yet, then why not? (Photo via Netflix, Lewis Jacobs Photographer)


So why not turn February 14th into a dedicated Netflix marathon day?

Knowing full well that most of us (dateless or not) will be cozying up to a night of series binging come February 14th, Netflix have just released regional data to inspire your next (potentially Valentine’s Day) series marathon.

Stranger Things (Photo via Netflix)
Eleven in sci-fi thriller Stranger Things. (Photo via Netflix)


Let’s face it. Your first real Netflix marathon was a turning point. You probably learned some truly valuable life skills. How many days can you go without leaving your house? (Three) How long can you go without water? (The sky’s the limit, but really, please don’t pass out due to Netflix watching.)


But since this is a scientific study, we need to lay down the law a little. A Netflix marathon is defined as finishing a series in seven days or less, which is quite generous of Netflix really. (I can’t be the only one who got through Black Mirror in three days, can I?)

The series must contain more than five episodes for it to have any weighting in the ranking – so all those miniseries you thought you’d binged don’t count this time.

According to Netflix, more than 90 percent of users who’ve joined in the last five years have had their first marathon, with 35 percent repeating their first yet again. Oh, also the average marathon lasts for three days, so relax, you’re totally normal for watching all of OINTB in five.

Ok now we’ve established the rules of the game, I think we can say that most of us have been there, and had a Netflix marathon of some sort.


Catch up on all of Orange is the New Black before Season 6 arrive. (Photo via Netflix)
Catch up on all of Orange is the New Black before Season 6 arrive. (Photo via Netflix)


Top 10 first time Netflix marathons:

  1. Breaking Bad

2. Stranger Things

3. The Walking Dead

4. Vikings

5. Narcos

6. Prison Break

7. 13 Reasons Why

8. House of Cards

9. El Marginal

10. Orange is the New Black

It seems we all like a bit of gritty escapism from time to time, with prison dramas proving to be popular. And what better a time than to put yourself in the dark reality of a cutting edge drama rather than face the cushy nonsense that is Valentine’s Day?

Prison Break (Photo via Netflix)
U.S drama series Prison Break. (Photo via Netflix)


Argentine series El Marginal which is getting a U.S remake, along with U.S series Orange is the New Black and Prison Break are a staple among Netflix addicts.

Netflix also asked a few of its most famous actors to remember their first-ever marathon.


Well congrats to Jodie Foster; with three seasons of Breaking Bad in three days, she beats all of us. Averaging at around ten hours of marathoning a day, (there are 33 episodes in total) we respect Foster’s commitment.