Photo via Pedro Robledo Twitter Account

Youth Subsecretary Pedro Robledo has found himself embroiled in a scandal on social media after hosting an event in the Casa Rosada in which people from the neo-Nazi National Flag (Bandera Vecinal) party were present. The event, “Panel for Young Party Politics,” was run by Robledo and Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña. They have since denied that National Flag party was invited.

Alejandro Biondini, the leader of the neo-Nazi party, tweeted about his party’s presence at the event, in which they pushed for the reinstatement of obligatory military service:

“National Flag at the Casa Rosada, invited to the meeting of Young Party Politics.”

However, Robledo and Peña have since denied that the neo-Nazi party had been invited to the event, saying that National Flag had identified itself as a “local party”:

“They were not invited. When they arrived, [the delegates] said that they were a local party and the people at reception made the mistake of letting them through as guests. They lied through their teeth,” said Robledo in an interview to Radio 10.

Robledo also published the list of guests on Twitter to refute the accusations:

“So we don’t give liars room to try and ruin a good initiative.”

The point of the Panel was to attract young politicians from different parties in order to bridge la grieta, the name given to Argentina’s great social and political divide. According to Peña, the idea was also to, “narrow the age gap between the average age group of society and that of the government.” Despite the idealism of the initiative’s goals, there were no delegates from either the Peronist youth organization La Cámpora or the leftist Workers Party.

Biondini didn’t leave it at that, though, retweeting Robledo’s message with the following:

“Robledo, please don’t lie. The party was invited by you at the last minute, the event was filmed and our delegates were at the head of the table. See photo.”

Robledo later tweeted that, “Nobody invited a neo-Nazi party. They identified themselves as a local party. I repeat: I am denying that we invited them.”

However, social media had erupted by that point.

“Robledo, we’re boy scouts from Laferrere. We’d like a meeting.”

Robledo first came into the public eye while working under María Eugenia Vidal, who is currently the governor of Buenos Aires Province, after suffering a vicious attack on the basis of his sexuality. After transforming the act of homophobia into a personal political call to action, the young law student began to carve out a career for himself in politics, quickly moving up through the Republican Proposal’s (PRO) youth movement working on issues like sexual health, substance abuse and education. Being an openly homosexual politician makes the presence of a neo-Nazi group at the panel all the more surprising.