Julio Alak and Alejandro Tullio announcing the initial electoral results. Source: Screenshot

The Minister of Justice and Human Rights Julio Alak and the Director of the National Electoral Chamber Alejandro Tullio held a press conference at 7:20 PM at the Computing Center (responsible for processing the votes and putting them online) to announce the initial electoral results.

First, Alak took the time to thank everyone who was involved in the electoral process, including the fiscales, representatives of parties working in their parties’ interest to make sure that votes are correctly counted, emphasizing how well the elections had been carried out.

Alak stated that, according to initial estimates, there was a 78 percent turnout of the electoral register. In addition, he announced once again that the information would be available online from 7:30 PM and mentioned that the National Electoral Justice Chamber would begin the official scrutiny of the electoral results on Tuesday.

Tullio then stepped up to take questions: when asked about the first trends, he explained that the results would be updated every five minutes.

The press conference was short lived, however, because when asked about the expected percentage of the votes in Buenos Aires, Tullio replied:

“I don’t know, I have my back to the screen. The press conference ends now, you can see the numbers on the screens, you can consult them online. We don’t have any more information on the results than you do.”

He went on to explain that the fact that the parties agreed to having the results published at 7:30 PM meant that everyone would be witnesses to the rhythm and evolution of the votes counted.

For now the results are confirming the predictions of the exit polls. However, readers should note that the percentages presented are anything but final: the initial information was published with only 1% of the votes tallied.