Photo via Clarin

Authorities in the province of La Pampa recently discovered a very crafty carrier pigeon that, rather than delivering messages, transported drugs and other contraband to a local prison.

Clarín reports that the bird had already been detected by the Federal Penitentiary Service (SPF), but was only just captured yesterday. Authorities found the bird with 44 clonazepam pills and 7.5 grams of marijuana. “It came with a small piece of fabric in the form of a backpack tied to it, the interior of which had narcotics, according to our test,” said the SPF.

The SPF seemed quite surprised and the “narco-pigeon” immediately became something of an absurd internet sensation

Maybe the the SPF needs to crack down on the epidemic of narco-pigeons entering their facility? If nothing else, the pigeon certainly gives El Chapo a run for his money; or rather, El Chapo may employ the pigeon to run his money. Whatever. Regardless, this way of transporting contraband will remain as hilarious as it was ineffective.