Five people were arrested yesterday with more than three tons of cocaine and objects related to Nazism. (DyN)

Authorities detained five alleged members of a drug gang yesterday after several raids in San Isidro and the City of Buenos Aires turned up 3,600 kilograms of cocaine, firearms and – wait for it – Nazi objects, according to reports from the Ministry of Security in Buenos Aires.

Police officers carried out seven operations in Buenos Aires Province and the porteño neighborhoods of Flores and Villa Devoto. After arresting five members of the illicit society, they seized a Mauser rifle, a .16 shotgun, two .32 revolvers, bullets of various sizes, 150 thousand pesos, two scales, eight cell phones and several computers. They subsequently uncovered a swastika-printed flag and a World War II era helmet.

The raids were authorized by the Subdelegation of Investigations of Illicit Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime in San Miguel, under the auspices of federal prosecutor Paul Starc from Tres de Febrero. No more is known yet about the context of the objects.