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Everywhere we look we see people either running, power walking, working out in the park or in the gym. It’s hard to deny how fitness has become—or has always been—a major element in peoples’ lives.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, there are seven benefits to regular physical activity: exercise controls weight, combats health conditions and diseases, improves your mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, reignites your sex life, and acts as a fun social outing.

No doubt regular exercise can benefit us in more ways than one, and with more options and amenities to choose from being active has also become easier than in years past. For example, we can get a gym membership, join a yoga and/or Pilates studio, or find a personal trainer. However, there’s usually a price to pay and it’s not always cheap.

Memberships and trainers can start at a couple hundred pesos a month, and it’s not likely you’ll go every single day. So, instead of joining a gym, take advantage of the some of these free yoga opportunities in the city.

Yoga at Rosedal

Every weekend, weather permitting, there are free yoga classes at Rosedal Park. The event holds about three different classes from 13:30 to 15h. Classes are open to everyone at all different levels and taught in Spanish, but there’s no need to be nervous because people from all over flock to this event. Plus, doing free yoga right next to the rose garden doesn’t sound too shabby.

(Directions: Sarmiento y F. Alcorta Palermo Buenos Aires, CF)

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For more yoga in the park, click here.

Yoga Integral

This may come as a surprise, but the popular Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK) building hosts free yoga practice every Tuesday and Thursday at 13 and 19h. Their focus is traditional: they perform and the basic provide tools to improve breathing, body movement, concentration, relieve contracture, and decrease stress. However, the class only holds 80 people and sells out quick, so it’s essential to make a reservation online or in person beforehand.

Booking online is simple, just go to their website on Monday at noon to reserve a spot. Once reserved, an email confirmation will be sent with a reservation number, which is required with identification 20 minutes before the class starts.

To reserve in person, go to the CCK on either Tuesday to Thursday at 12 to 19h to claim a spot.

(Directions: Sarmiento 151, C1041AAE CABA)

Other Events:

If found at just the right moment, BA hosts yoga events all over the city, which are either free, donation based, or come with a small fee to pay. For example, Arte Neo Yogui, on Saturday Nov 4 at 15h is having a free class in Floralis Genérica, Plaza de las Naciones Unidas, Recoleta. Remember to bring a yoga mat and food for the picnic that follows the event. (Again, weather permitting.)

Other upcoming events where a fee is included: Yoga Festival and Daybreaker BA Launch.

Photo via Arte Neo Yogui Facebook Page
Photo via Arte Neo Yogui Facebook Page