Back in February, Buenos Aires had a collective freakout when Anthony Bourdain posted pictures of Bar Sur and Cafe Rivas on his Instagram. The reason for his visit was unknown at the time but it’s official: Buenos Aires will be featured on his CNN show this coming June.


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According to CNN, Buenos Aires will be featured in Anthony Bourdain’s show, “Parts Unknown”. The episode is said to feature Argentina’s favorite chef Francis Mallmann and Chila‘s Soledad Nardelli. 

Bourdain was seen with Mallmann, also known as that Argentine dude from Netflix’s “Chef’s Table”. The pair was even said to have enjoyed a meal at Don Carlos, in La Boca.

Last night in Buenos Aires, at Carlitos, Parts unknown.

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The episode will be part of the season finale. Bourdain last filmed in Argentina nine years ago, for his show “No Reservations”. The episode was not received well by a very vocal group of Argentines who complained that the show did not depict the country accurately.

Here’s hoping they get it right with this new episode.