Yesterday I woke up wondering if I should go to Jose Gonzalez’s show, the decisive factor was bumping into him in the middle of Palermo, casually walking alone with his headphones on. He saw my surprised face, removed them and shared a warm chat with me for a bit. Low key is an understatement.

Jose Gonzalez’s parents fled Argentina in the beginning of the “dirty war” and moved to Sweden, where he was born. He has quite the fan base here and has showcased his old material in Buenos Aires before. This most recent show however, was focused on presenting his newest album “Vestiges and Claws” in Teatro Coliseo.

A theatre gig is different, the acoustics were on spot the bass tingled your insides. The vibe that was generated by the split crowd seated in different altitudes was magical. Their sound was impeccable. With a mountain background, a smokey scene and revolving lights he held all of our hearts captive. For those who weren’t able to come Tuesday night, I must disclose the following.

While Gonzalez was presenting his bandmates, we were surprised by his keyboard player, Barbarossa, when he started singing a song written by him featuring Jose Gonzalez. Check this out, this is “Home”.

I recall at some point, referring to this experience of “soft” music as liquid gold. I felt all the crowd’s cracks were fixed like Kintsugi, the Japanese “golden repair”. Funny how sometimes the delicate things can reach our core without effort.

Barbarossa’s latest album is called “IMAGER” and it’s definitely worth checking out. Having the opportunity to focus on this type of light indie sound, I will also suggest checking out Lucy Rose’s material. She played here a couple of weeks ago, including Buenos Aires as one of her destinations for her fan-based tour. Pretty cool thing to do if you ask me. No promoters, no booking agents, no managers. Her entire tour was booked by her fans. Respect.

Check out Lucy Rose’s both albums “Like I used to” and her newest one: “Work it out” I’ll leave this here: