Pablo Moyano has resigned from the CGT. (Photo via Noticias Argentinas / Juan Vargas)

A divided CGT umbrella union will make an attempt today to begin the process of papering over the cracks and chart a path forward without the Moyanos and the influential Teamsters union.

The so-called Gordos, Indepedendientes and 62 Organizaciones, all of them various factions of the labor movements who have taken a moderate line with the Mauricio Macri administration, will be meeting today at the headquarters of the natural gas industry workers’ union (Fstigas), lead by Oscar Mangone. According to state news agency Télam, key figures such as Carlos West Ocampo and Héctor Daer (health services), Armando Cavalieri (retail), Rodolfo Daer (food services), Andrés Rodríguez (UPCN civil servants), José Luis Lingeri (Obras Sanitarias), Sergio Sasia (railways), Jorge Omar Viviani (taxis),  Omar Maturano (train operators) and Roberto Fernández (long-distance buses), among others will be present.

The single-most glaring absence will be that of Pablo Moyano, leaders of the Teamsters (Camioneros) and son of Hugo Moyano, who has announced that he has resigned from a position within the CGT and that the Teamsters will be withdrawing from the umbrella union. The Moyanos were the driving force behind the march and protest on February 21 that was not attended by a large swathe of the CGT.

“I’m resigning because I don’t agree with the current leadership, because it does not represent the interests of workers” said Moyano in a statement. “We have a path and areas of work that are very clear, that were started many years ago, and they will not be abandoned. These leaders are at the polar opposite of the struggle of the working class, they’ve handed over workers to (Macri’s) flexibilizing labor form, which means more vulnerability, layoffs, suspensions.

“In light of so much indecision, it is fundamental to strengthen our union representation in every sector, above all because of the challenges generated by this selfish, materialist, anti-national, anti-popular neo-liberalism that is cruel in its excessive and devastating individualism.”

Hugo Moyano headed up the march on the 21st of February. (Photos via Noticias Argentinas / Damián Dopacio)
Hugo Moyano headed up the march on the 21st of February. (Photos via Noticias Argentinas / Damián Dopacio)


The departure is significant in the light of the fact that Hugo Moyano was leader of the CGT between 2004 and 2016.

An effort is currently underway to find a new leadership given the tensions between the current triumvirate chaired by Héctor Daer, Carlos Acuña and Juan Carlos Schmid. Those challenging the Moyanos have accused the family of making personal issues – namely accusations of criminal wrongdoing – labor issues, preferring instead to cultivate a relationship with the government. Labor Minister Jorge Triaca is currently in Europe on a work trip with various unions leaders.

Also conspicously absent at today’s meeting will be Luis Barrionuevo, head of the hosptiality workers’ union. Barrionuevo initially backed Hugo Moyano’s call for a rally but then backed out. Ámbito Financiero has reported that Barrionuevo has made an effort to win over support from Schmid, who has long been a Moyano ally and representative.