Hugo Moyano. Photo via

Support for the march called for February 21 by union leader Hugo Moyano is quickly fading.

In the last few days, several head honchos from key union and economic sectors have announced that they will not be joining the march against the government, increasingly isolating Moyano in his fight and mitigating the political and real impact that the march was expected to have.

Moyano knows this, and in a brief contact with the media yesterday he lashed out at the government and other union leaders who he accused of “being subordinated” to the interests of the Macri administration.

“It is better for the government to have a subordinated CGT [umbrella union], and that’s what they are achieving by doing this,” he said.

So far, the most high-profile leaders who announced they will not have their unions march on the 21 are Antonio Caló (metal workers union) and one of the members of the CGT umbrella union executive council, Carlos Acuña (gas station workers). Moreover, Luis Barrionuevo (gastronomic workers) said he will announce his decision on Wednesday. But several news sites have already reported that the answer will be no, as Acuña – whom he has a close relationship with – said it is likely this will be his answer.

These last two leaders had initially confirmed their presence, but after seeing that certain Kirchnerite organizations might join the protest made them rethink their decision because they didn’t want to be associated with them.

Other unions that have rejected taking part in the march since it was announced are the main unions grouping workers from the service industry, construction workers, retail workers and transportation union workers, key at the time of guaranteeing the march will have a substantial political effect, as the absence of public transport virtually paralyzes the country and focuses attention on the cause for it.

When consulted about the mounting legal accusations against him and his son Pablo, Moyano reiterated that “everything that is being said is a lie.” “When the courts call me I will ttestify, because I never ran away from them. Now, what will I go for now, if I haven’t been called at all? (The media) is saying all these ignorant things because they are rallying behind the attack the government is permanently launching against me,” he said.

Moyano is facing legal accusations against him regarding alleged unlawful activities in the teamsters union and Independiente football club, which he currently presides. Namely, mismanagement, money laundering, deviating funds from the teamsters union – currently led by Pablo – to use them in Independiente, as well as being involved in shady business conducted by the club’s barrabravas – an organized group of hooligans who conduct illegal businesses related to a football club, such as scalping.