November 12th,  a date for all music fans in Argentina. Various artists from Latin America are paying homage to one of the most influential rock groups in Argentine history — Soda Stereo with an out-and-out tribute concert. Artists will be travelling from as far as Peru, Colombia and Mexico to perform.

Amongst the 25 bands playing names will include Café Tacvba, Juanes, IKV, Kevin Johansen + The Nada, Carlos Alomar, Massacre and Banda de Turistas.

The event was created by previous member Zeta Bosio who will also be performing with new troop, Shoot the Radio.

Hosted by Movistar and taking place at Figueroa Alcorta and La Pampa from 2PM on November 12th. The event is free to all Movistar customers and tickets are available through the app FRI Movistar. The spectacle will be broadcast across the whole of Latin America through the Movistar fan page.

Soda Stereo

Soda Stereo was made up of legendary trio, Charly Alberti, Gustavo Cerati and Zeta Bosio. Hitting the Argentine scene in 1984 with their debut self-named album Soda Stereo, the group started their journey to become pioneers in Argentine rock. The album featured a diverse musical mixture from pop to reggae to new wave. It created some pretty massive ripples and within one year they already had quite the fan-base, playing to 15,000 at the Festival Chateau Rock.

Fame quickly escalated through the years and 1989 saw their record sales exceed one million. This year also saw the trek to New York to record their fourth album Doble Vida. This was produced by Carlos Alomar who wasn’t exactly new to the scene, having worked with the likes of John Lennon, James Brown and David Bowie.


Not ones to shy away from live shows the group embarked on the biggest tour in Argentine rock history one year later. Backed by a 70 strong entourage with two mobile stages, this two month marathon saw over 30 cities clocking up a distance of 14,000 miles.

In 1997 the band decided to split after 15 fruitful years, culminating with a farewell concert at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires. Each of the members went their separate ways, although all remaining in music.

After a ten year wait, the band reformed with a bang for one last monumental tour. Their 2007 return tour “You’ll see me back” saw fans, old and new, flock in numbers. This tour of 22 dates saw quite the turn-out, one million fans in total (an average of 45,000 per gig) during their two month window.

Tragedy struck in September 2014 when singer and guitarist Gustavo Cerati passed away after being in a coma for four years as a result of a stroke.

Over their career the band clocked up a total of 17 albums and won various awards, being named 4 times in Al Borde’s top 250 best albums of Latin American rock, their 1995 album Canción Animal appearing at number 2 in the ranking. In 2002 the trio visited the MTV Latin America Awards to receive the Legend award for their musical contributions over the years.