Photo via Minuto Uno

When President Macri travels to the USA to meet with Trump on April 27 — discussing the continued focus on relationship building between the two countries — he will visit the White House as well as Congress, and will also meet with legislators and business leaders. The visit comes just a couple of weeks after Martín Lousteau resigned his post as Argentine ambassador to the USA and so, upon Susanna Malcorra’s request, will not be in Washington during the visit.

As well as meeting the president, which Macri wanted to fit in before visiting China and Japan in May, Macri will also travel to Congress to meet with a group of legislators. Just a few days ago, a new resolution was approved by The House of Representatives which reaffirmed the importance of maintaining good relations between Argentina and the United States. It also recognized the economic reforms that Macri has put in place.

Argentine Chancellor Susana Malcorra and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will outline the visit. The two have been keeping in contact since February’s G20 summit in Germany.

Macri and Malcorra are also scheduling to hold a talk with business leaders, to be held within the Camber of Commerce. According to Clarín, Macri could personally honor ex-president Jimmy Carter with an award, recognizing Carter’s efforts to pressure the Argentine government to address the disappearances and human rights atrocities that took place during the military dictatorship.

Today a phone call will take place between Argentine Production Minister Francisco Adolfo Cabrera and Wilbur Ross, USA’s Commerce Secretary. Cabrera is expected to raise the subject of Argentina’s concern after The International Business Commission approved a request by a group of US biodiesel producers to carry out an investigation into the alleged exportation of bio-combustibles from Argentina at dumped prices (prices for exported goods which are much lower than the same goods are sold at in a country’s home market).

The Argentine government, for its part, wants to make sure that it is one of the countries to benefit from the US Generalized System of Preferences, by which importation taxes for certain products are lowered or removed completely.

The Trump-Macri relations actually go back a while; since the president’s father, Franco Macri tried to do business with the ex-real estate mogul in Manhattan, during the 1980s. And both President Macri and Trump were rumored to have played golf together in the 90’s — though account differ on who won that round.