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Winter is coming. Maybe you woke up this morning and realized that it is cold as whatever country you probably came from and raining and everything is terrible and there is just no way you are getting out of bed no ma’am. Then you asked yourself, WWDTD (What would Daenerys Targaryen Do, obvio) and you hauled ass out of bed and fought your way to the colectivo because you are strong confident warrior women. All of you.

That’s right, the sunny heady days of summer and asados at King’s Landing  the pileta have given way to the frostier days of the North indoor Netflix binge. Ned Stark The national weather service warned us and they warned us and now we must listen: Winter. Is. Coming.

I feel ya Bro. via Giphy
I feel ya Bro. via Giphy

The first cold front of the year has hit, bringing colder temperatures to the capital. The weather for the week is as follows:

  • Today: 14°/7° C and raining
  • Tuesday: 14°/5° C and sunny
  • Wednesday: 14°/5° C and partially sunny
  • Thursday: 14°/8° C and sunny
  • Friday:16°/7° C and partially sunny

So for the next few days you can behave as dramatically as Cersei Lannister walking the streets in her brand new pixie cut because no one likes the cold rain and in general the disappearance of bikini weather.  There’s really only one solution: get on Tinder get and find yourself a novio.  It’s cuffing season.