Germán Moldes is not ready to give up.

A few days after the Federal Appeals Court decided to reject his request and dismiss Alberto Nisman’s accusation against Cristina, the federal prosecutor is now looking to take the case to the Cassation Court, the highest criminal court in Argentina.

Last week, the Appeals Court decided to uphold a previous ruling by judge Daniel Rafecas, who rejected the formal accusation drafted by Nisman against the President, arguing that there is absolutely no evidence of the existence of an alleged conspiracy to clear Iran’s role in the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center.

In its ruling last week, the court compared Nisman’s investigation to a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel, in which the prosecutor seemed to conveniently select specific phone conversations in order to create a certain narrative.

Moldes, however, says the court’s decision was “arbitrary” and is now hoping the case will be “urgently” sent to the Cassation Court.

He warned that if Cassation doesn’t take the case, he is ready to take the accusation before the Supreme Court.