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Ariel Leites Do Santos, an indebted businessman who disappeared from the Misiones province in peculiar circumstances four years ago, has come back from the dead and bragged about it on social media.

The 44-year-old went missing back in 2011 whilst holidaying with friends in Río Uruguay, and after days of searching by air, land and water was declared officially missing by authorities.

Not exactly a Jesus-type figure, the scam artist has now risen from the grave and revealed to friends on Facebook that it was all an elaborate hoax to escape his debts and live the good life in the Brazilian city of Curitiba.

Four years on from his disappearance, Leites recently resurfaced on social media, posting photos with a new girlfriend and showing off a new beard, proving hipster fashion can even reach the presumed-dead.

Not one for profundity, he gave the proverbial middle finger to all his Argentine creditors back home by exclaiming to an old friend “I’m not dead, I’m out partying hahaha.”

The plot thickens as it also transpires that Leites and his ex-wife attempted to cash in on life insurance he took out shortly prior to his disappearance, but the case wasn’t settled as his body was never found.