Super sad news.

Luz Milagros Verón, the Chaco baby who made the news around the world last year after being left for dead for 12 hours in a morgue refrigerator, has died.

Luz suffered a cardiac arrest yesterday and was hospitalized in the “Vilela” children’s hospital in Rosario, where authorities said  she remained in critical condition. They also said her condition was not improving and that her body presented “multiple organ failure.” She died minutes after 1 pm today.

In April 2012, Luz Milagros was pronounced dead after her premature birth and was put in a cold morgue refrigerator. After her mother asked the hospital authorities to look at her daughter’s body, she realized not only that her daughter was indeed alive, but that she had been able to survive the incredible cold she had been force to endure for 12 hours.

For 14 months, she struggled with several developmental problems such as microcephaly. Until today, her family was raising money to take her to China, where they would treat her with stem cells in hopes she could recover some of her basic motor functions.

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