Milagro Sala, leader of Tupac Amaru neighborhood association, has been imprisoned in Jujuy since last year

Milagro Sala, the controversial leader of the Tupac Amaru social movement, will be soon heading to court over charges brought up against her back in 2014, when she was a provincial deputy, after threats she made against the Alto Comedero police station. Charges were filed by the station’s chief, Angela Cabrera.

Sala was notified that she would stand trial while still locked up in the Alto Comedero prison.

Just to refresh your personal news reel, Sala has been detained there since January 2016, a month after Mauricio Macri took office, after she was arrested for “instigating criminal activity and disorder” while organizing a protest in the capital of Jujuy without a legal permit. Her arrest is an ongoing political debate that has even involved the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and if you need further details check out the play by play of what happened here, or some more current updates from the past week surrounding her pending house arrest.

Regardless, this specific case originated three years ago, way before the current controversy, after a woman visiting a street market in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy discovered that a vendor was selling used clothes that had actually been stolen from her mother. The person selling the clothes, a woman, was arrested by the police.

However, Sala quickly phoned the police station and demanded her immediate release, asking police officers to return the clothes they had seized from the saleswoman. According to court documents, Sala made the call through the cell phone of an attorney working for the Tupac Amaru organization who had showed up at the police station to represent the woman arrested.

When her requests were denied by the police, Sala went after Cabrera, and allegedly warned: “You bunch of fag–ts, you will hear from me because I will put a bomb there and blow up all of you. You’re all incompetent. When I blow you up you will know who I am. I will blow up all of you to hell.”

The trial dates have been set for the 6th, 7th, 14th and 15th of September. This hearing comes at testy time, as it adds another layer to Sala’s pending future already under scrutiny for corruption and the mismanagement of public funds. Whether you like it or not, the “Sala Show” will go on, and were going to stayed glued to our screens.