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A judge in a Jujuy court granted controversial social leader Milagro Sala with house arrest today, following a request from the Organization of American State’s Inter American Commission on Human Rights, which on July 28 had suggested it to adopt “alternative measures” to her detention.

However, for the decision to be effectively implemented, it’s necessary that Judge Pablo Pullen Llermanos, who also determined to preemptively send Sala behind bars on two other cases, issue a ruling along the same lines.

Sala will be taken to a house in the district of El Carmen, 20 kilometers away from the provincial capital. “I determine that the house arrest dictated against Milagro Sala take place in the house located in Villa Parque La Ciénaga, in accordance to what was determined” by the IACHR, reads the ruling issued by Judge Gastón Mercau.

However, one of Sala’s lawyers, Paula Álvarez Carreras, assured today that she won’t be taken out of prison yet because the house she would occupy “is not in good condition.”

“It doesn’t have electricity, water, nor toilets,” she said.

“[Jujuy Governor Gerardo] Morales’ judiciary determined Milagro’s arrest in a house she didn’t live in, and that doesn’t have electricity, water nor toilets. Persecution,” reads a tweet by another one of her lawyers, Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta.

Página 12 outlet published a few photos of the current state of the house in which Sala is allegedly  supposed to stay.

However, Judge Mercau clarified that house arrest will only be served in that house if “it’s in conditions.” He also determined that Sala must abstain from leaving the house without the judge’s authorization, under the warning of having the benefit revoked.”

In an interview with Radio Del Plata, Álvarez Carreras explained that they will “make sure the house complies with minimum living conditions” because “Milagro can’t stay in prison a day longer.” While her defense had originally requested she serve house arrest in a house she has in Jujuy, Mercau rejected the request, arguing that a report from the Border Patrol — tasked with keeping her under watch — determined that they couldn’t properly fulfill their task in the neighborhood Sala wanted to stay in.

Moreover, the judge indicated that Sala can receive up to seven guests at a time, until 8 PM, although that restriction doesn’t apply to family members.

On January 16th 2016, Jujuy police arrested controversial leader Milagro Sala for “instigating criminal activity and disorder” after setting up camp in front of the province’s government building demanding that the new government — led by Governor Gerardo Morales, a long-standing political enemy of Sala’s — continue providing funds to her organization, the Tupac Amaru.

Governor of Jujuy Gerardo Morales.
Governor of Jujuy Gerardo Morales.