A tasty mid-week music fix for you jazz heads out there, the Yamile Burich quartet. This Argentine based group will be showcasing music influenced by the likes of legend Charlie Parker at the Club de Música on Wednesday night from 9PM.

Yamile’s music career began playing the piano from the tender age of five, however she switched to the ever enticing sax after hearing the sweet musical honey of Charlie Parker. This led to jazz-fuelled musical meanderings for ten years around the likes of Havana, New York and New Orleans.

Having Charlie Parker, a.k.a The Bird as an influence Yamile’s sound is tinged in bebop. A sound that originated during the 40s; bebop is fast paced, rapidly shifting jazz to get those feet tapping and heads bobbing. The genre was moulded from the collaboration of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie after Parker arrived to the legendary Harlem jazz scene.  Although falling victim to heroin addiction and dying at the premature age of 34 Parker shaped jazz for future generations. 

In 2007 Yamile came home and assembled the quartet along with Manuel Ochoa, Leonel Cejas and Nicolás Segura. The group released their debut album, “She’s the Boss” in 2009 and a sophomore album, “Black Jack” in 2014. If needing a Wednesday evening musical swoon this is not one to pass up.


Wednesday, March 22nd | 9PM


How Much?

AR $150