Not those interviewers, Temer! Brazil's Vice President Michel Temer. Photo via PRI

Remember the days of prank calling, when you would dial random numbers and giggle helplessly as the annoyed person on the other end ranted about “you darn kids?” Or maybe that’s just in movies I saw. I wasn’t really a cool kid. Anyway, Argentina’s Radio El Mundo (“The World”) took that to the next level today when they managed to get Brazil’s interim President Michel Temer on the line believing that he was talking to Argentine President Mauricio Macri. Slow clap.

Hours after the Brazilian Senate confirmed the suspension of President Dilma Rousseff for 180 days and the impeachment process against her, Jorge García, the host of the Radio Show El Mundo, had a somewhat confusing and brief conversation with Temer. The production team had somehow convinced him that this was Macri calling to say congrats. That’s why Temer kept calling García “Mr. President”:

“Thank you very much, President. I want to visit you in Argentina soon,” said Temer after receiving Garcías congratulations. We want you to visit too, Temer, but not just because of the importance of bilateral relations between Brazil and Argentina.

“Yes, I am very calm. Worried about the situation, but we will face it with much enthusiasm,” responded Temer when García asked if he was feeling calm after Dilma’s suspension.

Social media obviously enjoyed Temer’s confusion. Give him a break, guys, he is 75. Or, you know, concerned about the political mayhem that may ensue in his country now that President Dilma Rousseff has been voted out by the Senate in order to begin an impeachment process. Or he trusts his team a bit too much. But let’s just stick to laughing over the fact that he fell for it. Schadenfreude, anyone?

In real life, the Argentine government’s real reaction was a press release in which the respect for the current institutional process was emphasized.

“Michael Temer talked to Radio El Mundo thinking he was talking to Macri. Shut that country down right now, please.”

The Full Conversation. Enjoy.

(Jorge García — JG, Michael Temer — MT)

JG: Michel Temer, thank you for speaking to us! How are you?

MT: Hello, how are you doing, Mr. President? I’m doing well!

JG: I’m congratulating you! How are you doing?

MT: Thank you very much, President. I want to visit you in Argentina soon.

JG: Good. How has today been?

MT: Yes, I want to visit you. If you invite me, I could be glad to.

JG: Ah, I think that you’re a little confused […] Well, Michael temer, I wanted to ask you something. At what time will you be addressing [Brazil]?

MT: I will be speaking at 4 PM.

JG: Dilma will speak first.

MT: Yes, Dilma will speak at 11. Afterwards, I will speak at four.

JG: ¨Will you reveal your cabinet [in your] address to the country?

MT: Yes, I have my cabinet all chosen and will announce it at three or four PM.

JG: So you’re calm [and] confident?

MT: Yes, I am very calm. Worried about the situation, but we will face it with much enthusiasm.