On Monday, the Metropolitan police conducted a raid on Diego Lagomarsino’s home in Martínez, Buenos Aires Province. They took computers, laptops, flash drives and even gaming consoles for analysis.

Fabiana Palmaghini, the judge tasked with investigating prosecutor Alberto Nisman’s death, ordered the raid.

The technological aspect of the investigation, a normal step, began right after Nisman’s death, but was stopped by his former partner and plaintiff in the case judge Sandra Arroyo Salgado, who cited the need to protect his privacy. But after learning Nisman’s computer could have been accessed remotely on Sunday January 18th , she requested the measure go forward.

The importance of the investigation lies in the discrepancy between the official and plaintiff’s forensics reports. The latter, made public by Arroyo Salgado last week, concluded the prosecutor was murdered, and placed the time of death shortly after Lagormarsino’s last visit to the apartment, during which he handed Nisman the gun. The official report put the time of death hours later. The goal is also to determine whether the computer was turned on on Sunday, and if so, if Lagomarsino accessed to it.

After learning of the report,  Lagomarsino’s lawyer also requested that the investigation resume. He’s  stated that on Sunday 18th, between 7 and 8 am there was a “local connection” on Nisman’s computer.  “Someone, we suppose prosecutor Nisman, logged into his computer, read the newspaper and entered his email. He read his mail and three newspapers, Clarín, Perfil and La Nación. The search pattern totally matches Nisman’s personality, judging by the time he stopped at every article and which ones he read” he said to Radio Mitre.

Hours later, Lagomarsino’s lawyer issued a press release in which he criticized the plaintiff’s last actions and said the raid was “shameful and clownish”. He explained the raid was conducted after an email sent by the plaintiff, which stated he had claimed Nisman’s computer could have been accessed remotely. To this, Lagomarsino’s lawyer  says: “This defense has explained that the information provided by our own experts indubitably concluded Nisman’s computer was accessed locally, not remotely. The defense has also explained that remote access leaves recognizable traces, which did not happen on Sunday morning”.

The closing statement indicates there are some who don’t want the investigation to go forward: “This path will be surrounded by difficulties and obstacles generated by those who fear the truth”.

Lagomarsino is still the only person formally indicted in Nisman’s case for lending him the weapon with which he was shot.