The long awaited second stage of the Metrobus Norte project is now officially open for business. Following six months of construction, the seventh line of the City’s Metrobus network was inaugurated today by City mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. 

Located on Avenida Cabildo and Sante Fe, and stretching 2.8 km, the new construction is estimated to be used by 250,000 commuters and will reduce travel time by 35 percent. It also strategically links Linea D of the Subte and the train lines of San Martín and Bartolomé Mitre. 


What will driving situation look like? Cars will not be allowed to turn left onto the avenues and will not be allowed to park in as many spaces as before. There will be parking spaces available, which will be mainly allocated for short term parking. Other spots will also be available, however loading and unloading will be allowed for fifteen minutes with dropping-off and picking up of school children having a two minute time limit.

The goal behind the project was “to enhance the connectivity of the Metropolitan Area, to improve mobility within the City, reduce travel time, to promote the use of public transport to the detir the use of private cars, to give order  to transit and circulation on the avenue” said the Buenos Aires Transit Secretary.

This addition adds to current Metrobus network, operating on 9 de Julio, Sur, 25 de Mayo, Juan B. Justo, San Martín and del Bajo. The Metrobus scheme (a city planning initiative focused on the use of partitioned bus lanes) was started in 2011 and has continued to expand since then, catering to commuters within the city. It is estimated that 70 percent of commuters use public transport in Buenos Aires.