It’s only a few days until Messi tries his luck against Alavés at the King’s Cup finals. Meanwhile, other areas of the player’s life remain in turmoil. Unluckily for him, The Supreme Court of Spain ended up confirming the 21-month jail sentence on his three tax offenses.

The soccer superstar had been willing to make amends for his illegal past by paying 4.1 million euros to the local tax office. Once the sentence was made public back in July 2016, he began paying reparations for the infractions from 2007 and 2009, hoping to help lift some of the weight off his shoulders. This attempt to appeal his sentence has been completely dismissed by the Court. In fact, those indemnification payments were interrupted.

Due to recent evidence, it is now known that Messi managed to keep part of his image rights incomes secret. By claiming to have transferred image rights without making a profit when he had in fact sold them, the Argentine football player managed to evade some hefty taxes. In fact, evidence shows this mechanism was already in place when he was no more than 17 years old. Messi’s dad is in trouble as well, facing a 15-month sentence.

However, Messi is unlikely to be sent to jail. His compensatory money did reach central authorities; therefore, the footballer’s punishment probably won’t include imprisonment.