Photo via Infobae.

Okay, fine: the actor the Spanish show Late Motiv found to play Messi looked like Leo after a house fire and the one for Ronaldo was hardly any better, but this is probably the closest we’re gonna get to a joint interview between the pair for the foreseeable future. A particular highlight was a singing competition, with a chorus including “Bailar conmigo, Ronaldo y Leo,” but quite frankly no one cares if they can sing like Pavarotti — we only care about what these guys do on the pitch, not on chat shows.

The Ronaldo actor did the player’s usual prancing around, while Leo’s “look alike” looked uncomfortable in the spotlight – if anyone’s ego’s gonna take a battering from this it’s likely to be Cristiano’s. Although his actor did look rather like the waxwork model he commissioned of himself in a museum dedicated to his life on the island of Madeira, where he’s from. Yup, that’s probably the most Ronaldo thing you’ve ever heard BUT IT’S TRUE.

Interviews are by-the-by really when we have El Clásico to look forward to in three weeks when Real Madrid and Barcelona clash once more. You’d be a fool not to back Barça in this one, with the Catalan giants 9 points clear in the league and Messi humiliating the opposition so much that Maradona has said he’d punch him in the face.